Children from a very early age, want to express themselves through art. The Masterkidz art range comprises of classroom furniture made to enable children of all ages to paint, draw and display their artwork with ease. In addition, there are several Art and Craft Stations to store art resources neatly and wet paint Drying Racks. Acrylic panels are a great painting surface. The Toddler Painting Window, the Mobile Painting Wall, the Two-Sided Floorstand Easel, and the Giant Free-Standing Painting Wall all use clear acrylic as the surface of choice to paint upon. Children can look through clear acrylic and paint what they see directly on to its surface, such as the face of a child sitting opposite them! The other advantage of acrylic is that paintwork can be immediately wiped clean after use and endlessly used again. In addition to clear acrylic, there is a range of additional surfaces to choose from including whiteboards, rolls of paper and blackboards. Some easels come with casters so they can easily be wheeled between classrooms sharing the resource. Easels come in various sizes to suit every age group from early toddler to late primary.

Art & Craft