Using light in the classroom

At Masterkidz we have a range of different Light Box and Light Panels available as well as an ever-expanding range of Light Box Resources too. Every preschool and primary classroom should have a light box corner because children are fascinated by the illuminated glow that they produce. They will want to place manmade or natural objects onto the box to observe their finer details. They are fascinated by the texture and patterns found on leaves, bark, rocks and minerals and in conjunction with handheld magnifiers they can explore and observe them to reveal their tiniest secrets.

Light Boxes are large enough to accommodate small groups of children at a time, promoting conversations and shared discoveries. Light boxes are mains powered using a safe low voltage power supply.

Light Panels are thinner, cheaper and smaller and in addition they can be set to any of 11 pre-programmable colours (via a remote handheld controller) or made to gently fade from one hue to the next. They are also powered by a safe, low voltage power supply or can use a standard phone charger power bank, enabling them to be transported anywhere indoors or outside.

There is a wealth of Light Box Resources available including clear containers for painting and sand play above a light box, transparent objects for colour mixing, Colourful Transparent Rainbow Blocks, mirrors, spheres, letters, geometric shapes, squashy numbers, and much more besides. Whatever you are looking for, you will find endless opportunities for learning at Masterkidz.

Light Activities