There is no better way for a child to focus upon a particular educational skill or topic than to be presented with an Educational Learning Board or Learning Toy. It can be placed on a desktop or on the floor and used by an individual child or a group of children working collaboratively together. There are so many to choose from, each one requiring the child to manipulate, build, arrange, solve a problem or to explore a topic in greater detail. As a result, they will always be engaged and motivated to interact and discover the facts. Learning can often be carried out by a child working on their own (at the pace that suits them). Alternatively, a child may be supported by tutor who may sit with them to ask open-ended questions to direct them towards success and a greater understanding of the facts. Topics for learning boards cover many areas such as Hand-Eye coordination, Logical Thinking, Science, Mathematics, Time, Creative Play, Shapes, Magnitude, Objects to name but a few. A handy Learning Board Storage Tower holds 10 boards (and an 11th one on top) providing neatness and organisation to any classroom setting.  

Educational Board Toys